Our Commitment

Strategic Portfolio Management Inc., is committed to creating the income for our clients so that they can experience their dream retirement.   We believe that an active investment management style, utilizing equity options, provides the best potential for return with the least amount of risk. As a faith-based company, we take pride in honoring our fiduciary duty by always placing the needs of our clients above our own.

Our Philosophy

You have probably been told that trading options is risky and we agree.  According to Chicago Mercantile Exchange data, 76% of options held to expiration expire worthlessly.  That’s why we SELL options instead of BUY them.  As a boutique investment firm, we want to generate the most income with the least amount of risk possible for our clients and selling options is the best strategy to accomplish that goal.  We sell covered calls on your highly appreciated stocks and specialize in selling cash covered puts.

Our trading model is mechanical in nature which eliminates all the emotions that typically drive buying and selling decisions.  We offer an alternative strategy to the industry standard of buying and holding an age-based allocation of stocks and bonds to diversify risk.

Being a Registered Investment Adviser, our goals are completely aligned with yours.  We are not paid to make transactions like insurance agents and broker-dealers; we are paid by percentage to manage assets.  As your assets grow, we grow, too.

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